The unique Birthday

It was dad’s birthday, and he wanted a car.  I went to my friend’s house and asked him, “Is the parcel secured?” “Yup.” he replied with a grin.  We climbed onto the roof where, sure enough, the car we had picked out online was waiting for us. “Do you think it actually flys?” James asked. “Of course it does!” “Why would they advertise it that way otherwise?” “Good point.” They clambered into the car and started up the motor and the car collapsed into the roof. The bit of extra weight had been too much. Well, at least dad could see all our efforts to get him a flying car.


  1. This is great! Entered to the 100WC!

  2. What a fun interpretation of the photo. I enjoyed how you used dialogue to tell a good portion of the story. That drew me in right away.

    Keep up the Writing
    Tracey Ananmalay
    Team 100WC
    San Jose, CA


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